Drip Me Down is a Boston based Jewelry company with a clear urban vibe. We try our best to keep up with new trends in the market and always stay a step ahead of the game! We noticed a need for affordable jewelry that still looks and feels expensive! However, when receiving pieces from other brands we noticed the quality was lacking. Prior to the inception of DMD in 2020, our team worked in Jewelry casting/manufacturing and 3d printing as it relates to jewelry. With our vast network, we were able to set up DMD's logistics and distribution not only in the USA (OH/MA) but also in China for our international customer.  This was done to ensure FAST & SECURE shipping regardless of where you are located. DMD was founded on the principles of quality, consistency, customer service, and hard work. We believe that these pillars have propelled DMD to what it is today and what it will be tomorrow. As always thank you for your brand loyalty and for your trust in us to deliver top-tier quality and service!