Drip Me Down

Iced out Smiley Face Pendant w/ Chain


DMD's BRAND NEW Smiley Face Pendant w/ Chain Iced out from top to bottom with that rainbow Dr!p. This pendant comes with 2 chain options the rope chain and franco chain however we do suggest checking out our other necklaces, specifically the rainbow Gucci Link. These 2 pieces pair nicely together to give you the full Dr!p effect! 


- Length: 18" 20" 24" 30

-Width: 66x42mm pendant

- Weight: 31.6g

- Metal: White/Yellow gold plated

-Stone: 3AAA CZ (Most competitors, plated pieces, come with cheap 1A Cubic Zirconia with no sparkle or shine, we source 3-4AAA CZ with our products. Keeping us ahead of the game)

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